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At U Trade Now, we wanted to offer our customers a better way to buy, sell and trade their items. Of course, we know that there are a lot of sites that let you do that. For us to be special, we have to stand out. We make it simpler than ever to sell your items, to buy the things you want, or even to trade the things you have for the things you want. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the unique parts of our site and how they can help you to get the items you’re looking for.

Buy, Sell and Trade with Us

U Trade Now was originally designed to be a barter site. The idea was that you would come to our site and either search for what you want or post items that you’re making available. Then, you could trade with someone for their items, or they could trade with you for yours. Many of our sellers are looking for money, but many are open to a fair trade. To tell who’s looking for what, when you go to our site, check if they have “buy” or “trade” on the listing. Some may have both. From there, you can reach out to the buyer through the “comment” area to get the process started.

“Other” means “More”

We have detailed listings of all the products available on our site. “Musical Instruments,” “Cars,” “Electronics” – you name it. However, we also have a listing called “Other.” This listing has all of the other items that you might need. We wanted to create a place where people could feel free to find everything that they were really looking for. “Other” can be the place for that. You can also adjust what you want to look at by proximity and cost. So, you can find everything from just a few hundred dollars to a hundred grand, as well as people from 100 to 1000 miles away. At U Trade Now, the freedom is yours.

Buy, Sell and Trade Better1

Some of the Best Deals on Cars

Going to sell a car can be a real pain. You might go to a dealer, or you might post it on Craig’s List or something, but it can be very difficult to get a good deal. Beyond that, you have to deal with the guy at the dealership, or you have to go back and forth with someone on Craig’s List that you can’t be sure is trustworthy. Here at U Trade Now, though, you can find excellent deals on cars. In fact, vehicles are one of our most popular types of listings. You can find plenty of fantastic vehicles that you can buy or trade for. Alternately, if you have a vehicle that you’re looking to get move on from, our site gives you a great venue with which to do so.

Textbooks Made Better

College textbooks are overpriced. If you’ve ever tried to buy them all from the campus bookstore, the prices can be genuinely outrageous. U Trade Now offers a way around this, though. Simply click on the “Textbooks” section to find the textbooks that you’re looking for. We have a deep selection of textbooks to choose from. Remember, we’re constantly updating these listings. So, the textbooks we have today might not be the textbooks that we have tomorrow. By that same token, once you’ve passed the course, our site gives you a way to sell or trade those textbooks to someone else. In fact, you could keep trading your textbooks all the way through school.

Most people would like to play a musical instrument. However, many folks go through a phase where they play the musical instrument a lot. Then, they kind of get away from it, leaving them on the hook for all the money they paid for the musical instrument. Here at U Trade Now though, you could find a musical instrument for a reasonable price. Or, you can find a musical instrument for something that you don’t mind trading. That way, you can find out if a musical instrument is really for you before you devote so much money to it. That’s part of the power of U Trade Now: the ability to experiment.

U Trade Now empowers regular people. Instead of being beholden to just buying items online, you have the power to trade for them, too. If you can work out a deal with the person offering the item you’re looking for, then you both have a true “win-win.” This is the best way to take the items you want to get rid of and turn them into the items that you want. To set up an account with us, just come to our site and follow the directions. If you have any questions, give us a call at (888) 885-6923.


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